Fuel & Charging

Stans Texaco Petrol Station

Our St Martins Petrol forecourt attracts many customers to fill up here on a regular basis due to the competitive pricing policy we maintain. We constantly check our surrounding competitors in order to provide the best value. Our Petrol Shop, as well as selling the usual range of oils and additives, also stocks a large range of accessories. DIY products, car mats and winter goods can also be found here. A small selection of essential groceries are sold in our petrol shop.

Unleaded 139.9
Diesel 145.9
Site Prices Correct as of date: 14th June 2024.

Located on the front car park, there is the facility to use our EV Chargers for Electric Vehicle Charging.

We have 2 x 7 kW and 1 x 40 kW


7 kW

25p connection +   40p per kW

40 kW 75p connection + 50p per kW

Site Prices Correct as of date: 14th June 2024